This was done for the Dolly Idol Contest at Tyressia's

My current idol is Techievampire of Virtual Mannequins. She is also the maker of the base. Techie is one of my sisters, and she really challenges and pushes me to be better (though I dont' think I'll reach her level!) and she is the queen of tutorials....which I used to make the doll. She's not the best doll, but she's what Techie's done for me....she's been pushing me to learn more and i used almost exclusively new techniques for me.... She's also one of the nicest and most helpful people I know.

A while ago Techie asked me to be sister sites...of course I said yes! *grin* I met Techie at The Exchange, which no longer exists. We run used to run Pixel Packin' Mamas<. She definitely does the majority of the work and has the largest collection of sites that I've ever seen!! She was kind enough to make me these ya sweetie!! :) And now, since she's so prolific, I've had to move all of her holiday gifts to me onto a new page, Techie's Holiday Madness :)

How does she do these tiny dolls? *shakes head

And some non-doll gifts...

Mannequins! Is there anything she can't do?

This one is her sis site piccy for me. *g*

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