So irritated with the world

Alright, I’ll warn you that I’m very irritated and pissed off right off the bat and going to rant. I don’t want to hear about “best friends” and how wonderful they are – I don’t have one and haven’t had one for years. There is no one I would “share everything with” because people wouldn’t understand and/or I’d get judged. I’m sick of hearing about wonderful husbands and partners cause I’m never going to have one and I’m sick of being told that there’s someone for everyone because it’s rather obvious that my so-called someone doesn’t exist. I’m sick of hearing about people “close as sisters” cause guess what – not all sisters are close. Mine isn’t, never has been, and I highly doubt she ever will be. I’m sick of all your photoshopped biased political BS cause it’s NEVER going to change my mind, same with your biased “news” stories. My life is what it is and I’m trying to make as good as a pretty much solo journey can be. I will never fit in, will never be a people person, and will never be someone that people flock to. I’ll always be the one on the sidelines caring but never knowing what’s truly going on. I’ll always be people’s third or fourth choice. I look at my news feed and see all the things I’m never going to have and tonight I’m in too much physical pain and too damn irritated to just pass it by. Almost no one will see this, which is fine, but at least I know I will have expressed myself and maybe I’ll calm down. This week sucks and makes everything worse. I’m going to eat and go to bed and to hell with everything else I’m supposed to do.


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