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I made a doll! I made a doll! She's not very good, but I had just gotten PSP 9 (I know, not the new one - but its newer than the one I had - and it works with Vista!) and I just had to do something. My graphic tablet was missing and I hadn't gotten the new one yet, so I did it all by mouse. Be kind - its been a while since I've done any of this.

Base by Faery Ink.

Thanks so much for visiting. I just changed layouts and organized my dolls again. I've updated all the links I have, however its been many years since I've been an active doller. A lot of the links for the bases no longer work, so although I am able to tell you who made them I cannot take you to their sites. Those who have simply moved, I have re-linked. Please, take a look around. There's more here than you might think! ;)

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